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An EsQue - citing Offer

An EsQue - citing Offer

EsQue Parfum
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AN EsQue-citing OFFER

Choose any 4 x 30 ml parfum fragrances of your choice and make a saving of £18.00.

This offer is perfect for those whom love special offers and are total EsQue Lovers ♥️

Don’t forget to mention which 4 x 30 ml,s parfum’s you’d like in the notes section of your order !!! ENJOY 

Amor, Bergamot, Calville Blanc, Esque, Hayat, Oud Ete, Oud Khashab, Oud Patchouli, Rose Oud, La Vie, Mijaz, Q’eau, Velvet Rose and Xwhy,

This ones from ESQUE to you 🌹