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About Me ..

I wanted to create something that would ignite your senses in a typical ESQUE kinda way! I acquired a parfum company from a very dear friend and decided to set myself to work.

There wasn’t really any affordable handmade, alcohol free and vegan parfum around, so it would be a change; I wasn't phased by change....I wanted it relentlessly a lovely, smiley-esQue kinda way !

Playful, fun and exciting are traits that I want as an apparent part of my business; hence when you meet me thats the feel I want my clients/ customers to have. Its so important to enjoy living our busy everyday lives, I want EsQue to help make memories, to help you feel good and confident about yourself after….if you feel good you do good things.. Right ?

So my father is from Hong Kong and my mother is from Pakistan therefore I naturally have an exotic background, opulent I like to think ! It certainly seems to work when I meet people at different types of events where I introduce EsQue Parfum.

I am a big rose fan, I use roses for part of my display and I have found myself slipping 'rose' into a lot of my blends !! This is where the question arises; do men wear those blends too ? Yes, men can and do wear them as they all sit differently on your skin due to the power of pheromones !"  Quite honestly that's what you all seem to love; want and most definitely wear.

The most amazing and interesting thing is how the lines between male and female scents are not definitive. Men buy fragrances that you would consider to be for women and vice versa women buy fragrances you would consider to be masculine. When it comes to ‘smell’ the boundaries are not clear and that certainly excited me; as you discover the fragrance you like; you discover more about yourself and how your body reacts to different scents !!!

At present I have created 16 different fragrances both for men and women. They are vegan, alcohol free, oil & oud based bespoke fragrances; of which some contain 24 karat gold flakes to add a little fun and shimmer into wearing an EsQue Parfum. 

I have recently added a whole new range of products such as Room fragrances, Car diffusers, Beard oils, Hair oils and Body oils so honestly there is something for everyone ! 

Apart from attending events regularly where I get the opportunity to connect to a wider audience I'm also enjoying being a presenter on 'The Way Forward' radio show which gives me further opportunity to talk about parfum to people which I absolutely adore doing. I never thought I'd have the confidence to do so..but people want to know more. and I love to help them understand fragrance and 'that journey' it takes them on.

Wearing parfum is like wearing an outfit, very individual, each scent has a different outcome on each person and most scents change from when you put them on until the next five minutes. I would like to say that I have become a bit of an expert in assessing which scents will suit which people so if you get the chance to visit me at an event don't be surprised if I suggest a specific fragrance for you ! Its so magical and I Love when it happens !

A lot of my customers are repeat purchasers and so I have built up a relationship with them simply by (that initial push of) helping them find a scent  that resonates with them and gives them that 'EsQue' edge; they automatically then get addicted; EsQue'd (as I'd say)

The next exciting thing is for ESQUE to be available in different flagship stores so keep an eye on our stockist page to find out what’s near to you so you can ‘go and try and buy’ !

THANK YOU to all those whom have been EsQue'd and I look forward to spreading some ESQUE love to those whine are yet to be EsQue’d 🌹

Live it, Own it, Wear it EsQue it