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Car diffuser 8ml
Car diffuser 8ml
Car diffuser 8ml

Car diffuser 8ml

EsQue Parfum
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Car Diffuser
Complete with lid, cap & string. Available in gold, silver, or black (depending on which colour is in stock)

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How to use:
The diffusers work on natural reactions through the wooden cork inside the lid.
Unscrew the lid, Remove the plastic seal, Screw the lid back on, now tilt the whole diffuser upside down 2-3 times for a split second This allows the cork in the lid to fully soak through with the oil which means the diffuser is ready to be hung! 🚗

 We recommend that you wait for the cork to dry out (approx 5-7 days) before you repeat the process of soaking the wooden cork again The more you tilt and soak the cork the quicker the fragrance will finish. In our experience the diffuser lasts roughly 90 days plus. 

“Help to keep your car smelling fresh, clean and EsQue’d” Ms.Q

Vegan, Alcohol Free Oil