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The Parfum Experience
The Parfum Experience

The Parfum Experience

EsQue Parfum
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The Parfum Experience 5 x 10 ml 

This parfum experience is perfect for you if ....

  • You are confused and over whelmed by the sheer choice available online 
  • You absolutely love trying new niche parfum’s 
  • You know that fragrance is personal hence you like to try it for a few days before buying a bigger bottle 
  • You love combining or mixing fragrances and you are looking for unusual notes to layer 
  • You want smaller bottles to carry with you on travel or just something that will just fit into your purse/bag easily !

If any of the above is true for you, go ahead and purchase this parfum library as it’s the perfect solution ! This set is gift boxes too so perfect for a gift 🎁 for someone special too.

5 Parfum’s to choose from:  Rose oud, Calville blanc, Oud Patchouli, Velvet Rose, Q’eau, Oud Khashab, Bergamot, Oud Khashab,Hayat, Oud Ete, EsQue, Hayat, Mizaj, Amor or Xwhy


A mix of the EsQue and Q Collection
Vegan, Alcohol Free Oil and Oud based Unisex EDP